RHESSI Nugget #384

Wednesday 7th October
Article: RHESSI Nugget 384
I was asked by Hugh Hudson to do a Nugget for the RHESSI people despite it being a little out of field. I of course accepted and because I have simultaneously been working on the research group website, I had the urge to write it here, the most inconvenient format for such a thing. The text was edited by Hugh Hudson for the release on the RHESSI site, so presented below is the original version using my words.

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2020/10/07 13:19 · richard · 0 Comments

Publication in Solar Physics

Thursday 6th August 2020
Link: Observation of Differential Rotation Within a Sunspot Umbra During an X-Class Flare
My paper “Observation of Differential Rotation Within a Sunspot Umbra During an X-Class Flare” was accepted and published into Solar Physics in June. It described the development of the MLT technique and the application to an active region during a large solar flare. The application of the MLT process revealed evidence that the inside of the umbra was rotating faster than the edge of the umbra during the flare.

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